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Climate Change

We Are Counting Down To

A 2°C Global Warming Limit &

450 ppm of CO2 in the Atmosphere


The Cause

Co2 Levels

Data source: Reconstruction from ice cores.
Credit: NOAA

The Effect

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Last Update: 2017/04/14, Now with GHCN Version 3.3.0 and ERSST v4.
Temperature Relative to 1880-1920 based on GISTEMP Analysis
(mostly NOAA Data Sources, as described by Hansen, J., R. Ruedy, M. Sato, and K. Lo, 2010)


Carbon Dioxide ppm

At Today's Rate, 450 ppm will be reached by 2031
Sources: NOAA - Based on Annual Mean Data & Annual Mean Growth Rates at the Mauna Loa Observatory
Last Updated: August 18, 2017

Red Swirls of Co2 - most of which is emitted in the Northern Hemisphere
Source: NASA


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Sources: (CMIP5; Taylor et al. 2012) RCP8.5


Current World Population

8 billion people by 2025

9 billion people by 2040

10 billion people by 2055

Source: United Nations Population Fund

More People = More Demand for Oil, Gas, Coal and Other Fuels


The Consequences of Inaction

Mega-Droughts lasting 20, 30, even 40 years
The loss of 50% of All Species as we enter the Sixth Mass Extinction.
Decreasing Surface Water Supply
Global Food Shortages, Then Famine
The release of CO2 & Methane from Permafrost Melting.
The Eventual Collapse of West & East Antarctica Ice Sheets, Increasing Sea Levels Beyond Current Estimates.
Greenland's Melting reaching a tipping point potentially Adding 7 meters to Sea Level Rise.

< Impact of Ocean Acidification & Warming >

Death of Coral Around the World (Mass Die-Off, 90% by 2100)
Dissolving Shells in Shell-Forming Species
Tissue Damage & Necrosis in Fish Larvae & Damage to Internal Organs
The Decline of Fish Stocks Affecting a $100 Billion Annual Fishing Industry

< Impact of Sea Level Rise >

Severe Coastal Flooding Affecting Drinking Water & Farming
Submerged Coastal Cities
Contamination of Aquifers
Mass Migration of People
Social Instability &
Irreversible Climate Changes Beyond Our Control

A Complete Ecosystem Collapse

Apathy = Death

Unless You Get Involved

James Hansen suggests
The best thing citizens can do is join the Citizens Climate Lobby.
Citizens Climate Lobby

Read Me ⇒ Climate Change Summary

Read Me ⇒ Key Climate Change Terms

Sources: National Academy of Sciences, US National Climate Assessment, UK Met Office, NOAA, NASA

Climate Change Calculator

Get Informed & Take Action



350 New Mexico

Before the Flood - Take Action


The Climate Mobilization

The Union of Concerned Scientists

Dr. Michael E. Mann

Dr. James E. Hansen

Dr. Gavin A. Schmidt

Dr. Kevin Anderson

Dr. Reto Knutti

National Academies of Sciences

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)

World Health Organization (WHO)

The EPA Website is No Longer Useful! Climate Change Information has been Removed

Archived EPA page Restored by the City of Chicago - Click Here!


Racing Extinction

Naomi Klein - This Changes Everything

The Guardian

The League of Conservation Voters (LCV)

Sierra Club

NextGen Climate


What Is Required

A WWII-scale mobilization to eliminate net greenhouse gas emissions by 2030

• Support for The Climate Mobilization Movement in all its forms

• Support for Renewable Energy Initiatives

• Support for a Carbon Fee & Dividend

• Support for New Small Modular Nuclear Reactor Technologies (Gen IV)

• Support & Vote for Green Candidates

• Spread our message far and wide as possible to your family, friends and associates that Climate Change is A Great Threat to our way of life

Call Out The Climate Change Deniers

Climate Denial = Death

View the Lists

Top 10 Climate Deniers - Click Here

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What You Can Do Right Now!

1. Sign the Petition for 100% Renewable Energy in NM - Click Here

2. Support Michelle Lujan Grisham's run for Governor - Click Here

3. A Short List - Click Here

4. Support the ACLU's efforts to Stop Trump - Click Here

5. Support Tim Keller's run for Mayor - Click Here

6. Form a Rapid-Response Team - Click Here

2017 Events & Actions

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350 New Mexico

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Albuquerque Indivisible

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Coalitions and Alliances

Common Ground Rising

350 New Mexico

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Albuquerque Teachers Federation

Standing Rock

ABQ Free Press


Bernie Sanders - Our Revolution

Black Lives Matter

Your Health Is At Risk

Health Impacts of Climate Change

Asthma, Respiratory Allergies & Airway Diseases
Cardiovascular Disease & Stroke
Foodborne Diseases and Nutrition
Heat-Related Morbidity & Mortality
Neurological Diseases & Disorders
Waterborne Diseases

↓ Get the Facts Below ↓

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences -

CDC - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention -

The EPA Website is No Longer Useful! Climate Change Information has been Removed

Archived EPA page Restored by the City of Chicago - Click Here!

World Health Organization

Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR)

Fracking in New Mexico

Count Down to 2°C

The End is Nigh


Facts: Follow the Science

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